Buy Best Cabinets / Cases For PC Online in Qatar


These Cabinets and Cases for PC are made of high quality, durable materials that will keep your PC components safe and secure. The steel frame provides a stable base, while the tempered glass panels offer an added layer of protection from knocks and bumps.


This range of cabinets and cases for PC are designed to be versatile enough to accommodate all sizes and shapes of computers. Whether you need to fit a large gaming system or just a basic desktop case, these cabinets will provide the perfect fit.

Easy Setup:

These Cabinets and Cases for PC come with easy to follow instructions so you can have your computer up and running in no time. All necessary screws and mounts are included, so you won’t have to worry about finding extra parts when setting up your system.

Ventilation System:

The Cabinets and Cases for PC come with a built in ventilation system that helps keep your components cool during intense gaming sessions or prolonged usage. The fans are strategically placed throughout the case to ensure optimal cooling performance.

Space Saving Design:

These Cabinets and Cases for PC feature a slim design that allows them to fit into tight spaces without taking up too much room. This means that even if you have limited space in your home or office, you can still enjoy the convenience of having all your computer components housed within one sleek unit.

Features of Cabinets / Cases for PC in Qatar
  • There are multiple types of cabinets or cases for PC gaming systems, including mid tower, mini tower, small tower, full tower, and HTPC case. Each type offers different features and benefits, such as ample space and cooling system. Full tower cases are ideal for gaming PCs due to their ample space and cooling system. They also come with features like water-cooling systems and e-sleeves to enhance airflow.
  • A CPU cabinet is an enclosure with side panels and doors to house computer systems. It may include features like fans and airflow to facilitate cooling. Besides, they’re durable and can be customized in various sizes and colors.
  • Custom PC cabinets are available in different sizes, colors, and designs. They make it easy to create a unique gaming setup tailored to your needs.
  • A Cabinet for a PC is an essential part of your gaming rig. It helps keep your components safe and secure as well as provide adequate airflow for the computer’s components.
Different types of PC Cabinets/Cases
  • There are 4 different types of PC Cabinets/Cases available in the market, such as Full Tower, Mid-Tower, Mini-Tower, and SFF. The size of the cabinet determines the number of components that can be installed, such as video cards, RAM, and hard drives.
  • CPU cabinets are enclosures with fitted, constant or detachable aspect panels and doors that come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. This type of cabinet is ideal for water-cooling systems as it allows space for large radiators.
  • HD cabinet is a combination of motherboard case and chassis. It’s an all-in-one case design that accommodates high-end gaming PCs or workstations with a motherboard and graphics card.
  • A chassis is a housing with integrated power supply unit (PSU) and motherboard slots to support a high-performance computer system. It’s designed to house a motherboard, case fans, hard drive caddies/bays, power supply units (PSUs), and other internal system components.

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Top brands offering the best PC Cabinets/Cases online in Qatar
  • Brands offering high-quality PC cabinets/cases in Qatar include Oraako, which has 6 production assembly lines, 10 machines and produces 250 in one hour.
  • Startech.com offers a broad selection of small PC cabinets, which are of the highest quality and come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs.
  • The smart people at Oraako attach great importance to quality control when manufacturing custom cabinet CPU desktop PC cases, which also come with RGB lights for customization.
  • In addition to the above brands, anyone looking for high-quality cabinets/cases can check out eSassy’s line of computer cabinets/cases designed specifically for gaming PCs. This line offers a wide variety of options to suit any budget and style preference.

The above mentioned brands provide customers with products of the highest quality at affordable prices. They offer an excellent value proposition that should be considered by anyone looking to buy cabinets/cases online in Qatar.

Tips for choosing the right PC Cabinet/Case
  1. Before purchasing, consider the type of cabinet you need.
  2. Mid tower cabinets are the most popular and versatile.
  3. They are affordable and provide high-performance computing in a small space.
  4. Look for a cabinet with a good cooling system to ensure the best performance.
  5. Look for cabinet that meets international quality certification systems and product patent certifications such as ISO9001, CE, FCC, RoHS, and REACH.
  6. These will ensure the cabinet is of high-quality and safe to use.
  7. Ensure that the supplier of the cabinet is reliable and offers top-notch products.
  8. It’s important to choose a cabinet that is durable, user-friendly, and functional to meet your needs.
  9. You should also consider the size and design of the cabinet to ensure it meets your needs.
  10. Finally, make sure you have a budget and timeline for purchasing your cabinet.
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