Buy Best Power Supplies (PSU) in Qatar

Versatile Power Supply: This power supply is a versatile and reliable solution for powering your gaming PC, workstation, or home server. It’s designed to provide clean and consistent power while supplying up to 750 watts of energy, making it suitable for even the most demanding setups.

Safety Features: This power supply comes equipped with a host of safety features to ensure safe operation at all times. These include an over voltage protection, short circuit protection and over current protection that will help protect your hardware from damage.

Noise Reduction: The fanless design ensures quiet operation without any distracting noises so you can concentrate on your work or game without any distractions. The fanless design also helps reduce heat build-up in your system, keeping it cool and efficient at all times.

Onboard Monitoring: The included onboard monitoring system allows you to keep an eye on your PSU’s performance with real time readings of voltages, temperatures and more displayed on the screen in an easy to read format.

High Quality Components: This power supply is made from the highest quality components for maximum reliability and long term use. It has a high energy efficiency rating of 80 PLUS Gold ensuring low power consumption and fewer emissions into the environment.

Features to consider while buying a power supply

When it comes to buying a power supply, there are a few factors you must consider.

First, you need to determine the wattage requirements of your system by using calculators from retailers such as Cooler Master, Seasonic, MSI, be quiet! and Newegg. This way, you won’t over-power your system and damage components.

Secondly, consider the power requirements of any upcoming graphics cards. These power supplies provide ample power for high-end gaming systems and can be purchased at a lower price compared to those with higher wattage.

Three, don’t buy too much wattage as it could lead to decreased efficiency, longevity, and boosting. Also, invest in a high-quality power supply by looking for indicators of quality such as high amperage output and capacitors with high capacitance rating. This will ensure that vital components are powered properly and efficiently.

Popular brands of power supplies in Qatar
  • Corsair: Corsair power supplies are known for their high-quality design, gaming performance, and warranty. The Corsair power supplies are available in various wattage ranges and with multiple connector options. Among its popular products are the C70 power supply, the C60 gaming power supply, and the G servings series.
  • EVGA: EVga is known for high-quality power supplies featuring stable voltage output and durable construction. Its various power supplies include the SuperNova G2 power supply, the NEXx power supply, and the P-Series power supply.
  • Seasonic: Seasonic power supplies are known for high efficiency and reliability. It offers various wattage ranges and connector options to suit different builds. Some of its popular products are the S12II power supply, the S12IIE power supply, and the X-Series power supply.
Models of power supplies in Qatar
  • Wattage: Choose the right wattage for your system’s needs. Start with at least a power supply with at least 80 watts of power. This will provide enough power for most gaming computers, and will allow you to upgrade your gaming rig in the future if needed. You can also consider higher wattage supplies as they provide more power and efficiency.
  • Energy Efficiency: Look for power supplies with high efficiency ratings. These supplies use less energy and generate less heat, saving money and protecting the environment. They are also more efficient at powering high-end gaming systems, so you can get the best performance without spending too much money.
  • Connectors: Make sure that the power supply has the necessary connectors and ports. This includes motherboard connector, peripheral connector, and power connector. Also, make sure that it is compatible with your gaming system’s motherboard and other peripherals.
  • Warranty: Consider buying power supplies with extended warranties for added protection. These warranties may come with warranty terms including free repairs or replacements if the power supply fails to meet specifications or cause any damage to your gaming system or other devices connected to it.
Benefits of using quality power supplies
  • Higher-quality power supplies are often more than 80% efficient at peak load and can reach over 90% efficiency at optimal load levels. This means they waste less power than lower-quality power supplies, which tend to have efficiency ratings of 50-60%.
  • Running high loads at a power supply can reduce its efficiency, making it louder and decreasing the expected lifespan. This is because power supplies are designed to work at specific efficiency levels depending on the power supply’s capacity.
  • Efficiency of a power supply generally peaks at around 50-75% load. So if you’re running high loads, it’s best to match the capacity of your power supply to the power needs of your computer to maximize efficiency and save money on electricity bills.
  • High-quality power supplies are also easier to troubleshoot and repair, which makes them a safe investment for anyone who is interested in gaming or high-end computing.
Tips for choosing a reliable PSU in Qatar
  • Choose a PSU with the correct wattage for your application. This will ensure that the power supply is able to power your gaming rig, high-end gaming pc, or workstation at its maximum potential.
  • Carefully review the efficiency rating of the power supply. This rating indicates how much power the unit can output at peak efficiency. The higher the efficiency rating, the more power is converted into usable current and voltage. This helps to lower operating costs and provides better performance.
  • Consider modularity and cable management options when purchasing a power supply. These features can help you save time and money by making it easier to clean and organize your computer system.
  • Finally, make sure that the power supply is compatible with your existing hardware components. This will ensure that the power supply works properly with your motherboard, case, and other components.
Best places to buy PSUs in Qatar

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