For the proper functioning of any laptop or desktop, one needs good quality hardware and authentic and genuine software. Where hardware includes physical parts such as CPU, monitor, mouse keyboard, data storage, graphics card, speakers, and motherboard, the software is the set of instructions that can be stored and run by hardware. Hence buying authentic software for a flawless operation is important. It doesn’t matter what’s the operating system of your computer, software is always there! You get free computer software online, then why do you need to buy them? The reason is security and reliability. When you buy software from a well-known brand, you are assured that your computer is safe from viruses and your data is safe. Also, you are not encouraging piracy and is supporting the fair & genuine use of the software.

First, to make your computer system operational, it is important to install a well versed operating system and Microsoft operating system is chosen over a large number of choices by most of the people. You can also install Ubuntu, Linux if you need it for a specific purpose. Microsoft Windows 10 is the latest released operating system software and is giving the best experience to users as Microsoft always does. From an operating system to gaming software and internet security software these days software is just a name to take, otherwise, for all your problems, there is software as a solution.

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