Picking a Gaming computer can be a challenging task for many people, with a slew of confusing terms and technical details, figuring out what is right for you seems very daunting. That’s where we step in, we strive to help you buy. So let’s simplify the world of Gaming computer and understand what matters. At Startech Store, we offer you some of the best gaming laptops and pre-built gaming pc’s you can get your hands in Qatar.

First things first, the size. Screen sizes for Gaming Laptops are generally recommended as 15-inch, 15.9-inch Laptops or bigger, with numerous heavy-duty gamers opting for 17-inch Gaming Laptops as well. With greater size comes the possibility for greater power, but also cuts back on the portability of the device.

For gaming, the first key specification to look into is naturally the Graphics Processing Unit or GPU, it is recommended to ensure your Laptop has a dedicated graphic card, the top brands for which are NVIDIA and AMD. For running AAA level games at high settings, an NVIDIA GTX 1060 is recommended to ensure you get the best gaming experience. In terms of the processor on Gaming Laptops, it is generally advisable to opt for a quad-core or better (Core i5 or better) and at least 8GB of RAM to ensure smooth operation and avoid overheating.

Investing in an SSD to supplement your hard disk storage is a good idea, as an SSD improves drastically on loading times during games. In our online store, we have a wide range of the best gaming laptops from top brands like Acer, MSI, and more at the best price in Doha & Qatar.

You also have the option of getting a Pre-built Gaming PC. Just as the name suggests, a Pre-built Gaming PC is a gaming pc that is built already. So, you already have all your components, and necessary software installed on it. All you need to do is power it up, get your games, and play them.

A Gaming PC Setup consists of various components such as processor, RAM, graphics card, and more. The performance of the computer is completely dependent on these components. However, there are thousands of options in terms of each of these components. So, it is quite necessary to choose the best of each if you are after the best performance. At Startech Store, all the pre-built or assembled gaming computers consist of the best components that you can get for the best price in Doha & Qatar.

At Startech Store we understand the feeling of the eagerness of a customer to start using the product and thus we ensure that the product you order reaches your doorsteps as fast as possible.
Whenever you place an order from Startech Store, you get the product in your hands within 24 hours anywhere in Doha & Qatar, thanks to our delivery team. Hard to believe? Then place an order for your favorite gaming computer and see for yourself. We never let you wait.