When you’re building a custom gaming pc from the ground up, be sure to select the best gaming pc components or pc parts to help you achieve your goal. At Startech Store, we carry a wide variety of gaming pc parts – everything from monitors to graphics cards, memory upgrades, and processors so you can build your ideal productivity or gaming machine.

When building your gaming computer, start by selecting a computer case or tower that suits your needs. Make sure it has enough bays to hold your hard drives, and consider its interior size too. It should have enough room to hold your graphics card, motherboard and any fans you plan to install.
Many choices, such as those from Cougar, offer RGB lighting effects and see-through panels, so you can show off your new gaming computer components. Choose a case that’s sleek and compact for tight spaces, yet large enough for your components and future upgrades.

Another essential item on your short list of gaming pc components is the power supply. Before you choose the one you need, figure out how much power is necessary to run the computer you’re building. Focus on the power draw benchmarks produced by the CPU and GPU to help you figure out a minimum total wattage rating, and go from there. Look for models with high-efficiency features, which try to balance performance and energy consumption, and be sure to prioritize quiet fans — you don’t want to be bothered by the sound of a humming power supply when you’re trying to concentrate on a game.

The motherboard of your homebuilt computer has essential components installed. It’s the printed circuit board that contains your computer’s principal components, including the processor, memory and connectors where other circuit boards can be slotted.

Some motherboard options, such as the ROG Strix from ASUS or Z-Series motherboards from MSI, are optimized for gaming applications: they have slots for adding memory, plenty of USB ports for plugging in peripherals, including controllers, keyboards and mice, and some have fun RGB colour effects.

If you game as a hobby, then you know how important graphics cards are to your setup. Graphics cards help ensure that 3D images and video are rendered smoothly and quickly, to not slow your gameplay, especially when you’re playing something graphically intense with plenty of explosions or fast-paced action. Graphics cards also make light and shadow areas look realistic and help bring your favourite titles to life.

When selecting a new graphics card for your build, be sure to choose one that has enough memory to support the games you most want to play. Pay attention to specs such as memory size and GPU processor speed. Also note the kind of visual inputs it supports, usually HDMI or DisplayPort.

When you’re shopping for a gaming monitor, keep the three R’s in mind – refresh rate, response time, and resolution. It’s tempting to think that a monitor with the highest resolution will deliver the best visual experience. But when it comes to gaming, refresh rate and response time are just as important as resolution.

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