Casio Graphing Calculators fx-CG50


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  • E-CON 4 Application
  • Examination Mode

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Product TypeProgrammable



Product FeaturesProgrammable



Number Of Functions : Over 2900

Number Of Digits10+2 Digits
Liquid Crystal DisplayNatural Textbook Display

Dot Matrix Display

Icon Menu


Key CharactersticsPlastic Keys
Key FunctionsNegative Sign

Power Off

Memory No. of memory: 28

Answer Memory

Add-in Function

Memory Protection

Reset Function

Power SupplayAAA-size Battery


Approximate battery life Main 170 hours

Auto Power Off

Display Format SettingsNumber Format: Fix

Number Format: Sci

Number Format: Norm

Engineering Symbol

Engineering Notation

Toggling Calculation Results

Basic CalculationBasic Calculation

Bracket Calculation

Fraction Calculation

Degree, Minute, Secound (Sexagesimal) Calculations

Reciprocal Calculation

Percent Calculation (Scientific Calculator Function)

Ratio Calculation

Factorial Function

Calculation With √ And Π

Rounding Function

Applied CalculationMulti-Statement Command, Output Command (: / ◢)

Continuous Calculation

Replay Function

Multi-Replay Function


Copy & Paste

Solve Function

Statistical CalculationStatistics Function

Basic Statistics

Intermediate Statistics

Advanced Statistics

Distribution Calculations

Statistical DataList Based Stat-Data Editor
Basic Graph FunctionRectangular coordinate graphing

Polar coordinate graphing

Parametric function graphing

Inequality graphing

Domain graph/ Range graph

Integration graph

Conic section graph

Trace, Zoom (box zoom, zoom in, zoom out, auto zoom)

Solve (root, minimum, maximum, intersection, integration)

Sketch (tangent line, normal line, inverse function)

Recursion graph

3D Graph

Calculator Program FunctionProgramming Function

Basic Like Program


Program CapacityMemory : 61,000 bytes
Permitted In ExamsIB

AP / SAT / SAT Subject / PSAT / NMSQT / ACT / IB

Exam Mode CompatibleExamination mode



3D graph types

Four types of 3D graphs (Sphere,Cylinder,Plane and Line) are available. It is easy to draw 3D graphs using templates.(An industry-first feature)

Draw and display up to three 3D graphs

Recognize combinations of graphs and interactive relationships between two or three graphs mathematically.

E-CON4 Application

This feature, with a simple user interface, is effective for collecting data for use in classroom science and technology lessons.

Examination Mode

This mode allows you to quickly prepare your calculator for exams. This mode restricts access to memory, programs, functions and applications, so that these features would not be available during exams.

Software (Manager)

Manager is a software program that emulates the operation of Graphing calculator fx-CG50. This enables teachers to prepare teaching materials (Activities) and present them in the classroom using a projector (Workshops).


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