Casio Standard Scientific Calculators fx-991ES PLUS-2BU


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  • Brand:Casio
  • Colour:Silver

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Product TypeNon Programmable

Non Graphing

Number Of Digits10+2 Digits
Liquid Crystal DisplayNatural Textbook Display

Dot Matrix Display

Key CharacteristicsPlastic Keys
Key FunctionsNegative Sign

Power Off

MemoryVariables: 9

Independent Memory (M / M+ / M-)

Answer Memory

Memory Protection

Reset Function

Power SupplySolar & Battery

Approximate battery life Main 3 years

Auto Power Off


Statistical CalculationsStatistics Function

Basic Statistics

Statistical Data List Based Stat-Data Editor
Display Format SettingsNumber Format: Fix

Number Format: Sci

Number Format: Norm

Engineering Notation

Toggling Calculation Results

Basic CalculationsBasic Calculation

Bracket Calculation

Fraction Calculation

Degree, Minute, Secound (Sexagesimal) Calculations

Reciprocal Calculation

Percent Calculation (scientific calculator function)

Factorial Function


Calculation with √ and π

Rounding Function

AppliedMulti-statement Command (:)

Continuous Calculation

Replay Function

Multi-replay Function

CALC Function

SOLVE Function

Basic FunctionsBasic Mathematical Functions

Number of Functions : 417

Absolute Value Calculation

Power Function (Square)

Power Function (Cube)

Power Function

Power Function (Square Root)

Trigonometric Function

Inverse Trigonometric Function

Hyperbolic / Inverse Hyperbolic Function

Exponential Calculation

Logarithmic Calculation

Log not base 10

Coordinate Conversion

Combination / Permutation

Random Number Generation

Random Integer Generation


417 functions, Display: Natural Textbook Display, LCD (dot-matrix), 10 + 2 decimal places, Power supply: Solar & Battery, Basic Mathematical Functions, Table Generation, Base-n calculation, Scientific Constants, Vector, Basic Statistics, Differentiation, Non Graphing, Matrix, Equation, Integration, Complex number calculation, Comes with new slide-on hard case, Size (H x W x D): 11.1 x 77.0 x 161.5 mm, Weight: 95g

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