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Green Camera Lens HD Plus iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max Gold


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  • High Quality Manufacturing
  • Excellent adhesion
  • The color of the lens protector is exactly the same as the color of your iPhone
  • Resistant to impact, abrasion, scratch and dust penetration
  • High transparency and no loss in quality during photography and video
  • Precise design and coverage of all camera lens components
  • Very high light transmission
  • Easy installation and replacement
  • Detachable design without blocking flash
  • High quality aluminum frame

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Suitable foriPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max
Easy installation capabilityYes
Prevent Scratches and ScratchesYes
Prevent light reflectionYes

iPhone 14 Pro Max/14 Pro Green Lion Hd Plus
The Green Lion HD Plus iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro are called Camera Protection Expert, but the technical codes have not changed and are the same codes listed below that are ultra-transparent and high-quality. So that after installing on the phone, it is difficult to determine whether or not it is installed on this lens, which means that these lenses will not ruin your phone’s appearance under any circumstances. Conventional lenses store or reflect some of this light, which reduces the resolution of the image. This lens protector allows all the light of the images to pass through the lens and we have a higher resolution image. It also has a unique design so that our lens protector securely and accurately sticks in place. This product is produced in 3 colors that purple with the code GNCLENS14PMPL, gold color with the code GNCLENS14PMGD and silver color with the code GNCLENS14PMSL.

Protective Lens Green Lyon HD Plus iPhone 14 Pro Max/14 Pro
One of the most important parts of any mobile phone is its camera (lens) which is very important. Initially, phones used only one lens on the back of the phone, but over time, there was a need to use multiple lenses on the back of the phone, which doubled the importance of the camera behind the different phones. In this regard, different companies began to make the camera protection glass of the camera of the mobile camera to protect the more as much as possible. The very high quality of the Green Lion brand, the flat and invisible design of Glass has caused no loss of quality when using the camera.

How to Install Lens Protector


  1. First, clean the surface of the lens thoroughly with a cleaning tool and make sure it is clean and dust-free.
  2. Remove the detachable adhesive on the guard, then place it on the camera position and press lightly in the next step.
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