Casio Standard Scientific Calculators fx-85ES PLUS-2

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  • Brand:Casio
  • Number of Functions : 252
  • Solar & Battery
  • Product Type:Scientific Calculator
  • Brand:Casio
  • Number of Functions : 252
  • Solar & Battery
  • Product Type:Scientific Calculator

QAR 69

Available on backorder

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Brand ‎Casio
Number Of Items ‎1
Product Type Non Programmable

Non Graphing

Number Of Digits 10+2 Digits
Liquid Crystal Display Natural Textbook Display

Dot Matrix Display

Key Characteristics Plastic Keys
Key Functions Negative Sign

Power Off

Memory Variables: 9

Independent Memory (M / M+ / M-)

Answer Memory

Memory Protection

Reset Function

Power Supply Approximate Battery Life Main 3 Years

Auto Power Off

Statistical Calculations Statistics Function

Basic Statistics

Statistical Data  List Based Stat-Data Editor

Display Format Settings


Number Format: Fix

Number Format: Sci

Number Format: Norm

Engineering Notation

Toggling Calculation Results

Basic Functions

Basic Mathematical Functions

Number Of Functions : 252

Absolute Value Calculation

Power Function (Square)

Power Function (Cube)

Power Function

Power Function (Square Root)

Trigonometric Function

Inverse Trigonometric Function

Hyperbolic / Inverse Hyperbolic Function

Exponential Calculation

Logarithmic Calculation

Log Not Base 10

Coordinate Conversion

Combination / Permutation

Prime Factorization

Random Number Generation

Random Integer Generation


Basic Calculations

Basic Calculation

Bracket Calculation

Fraction Calculation

Degree, Minute, Secound (Sexagesimal) Calculations

Reciprocal Calculation

Percent Calculation (Scientific Calculator Function)

Factorial Function


Calculation With √ And Π

Rounding Function


Applied Calculation

Multi-Statement Command (:)

Continuous Calculation

Replay Function

Multi-Replay Function

  • The natural screen (natural-v; p; a; m. ) displays the math expressions such as the roots and fractions that appear in your school book, and this increases understanding as the results are easier to understand
  • Features 252 functions, 24 levels of parenthesis
  • Elementary mathematics: fractional calculation, percentage calculation, mist numbers, angular dimensional dimensions, conversion between deg/rad/grad, conversion of pol ø rec coordinates
  • Elementary mathematics: trigonometric functions, hyperbolic, exponsive functions, mathematical functions and calculations in the sexagesimal system
  • Statistics: roof calculation, standard variations for grouped and ungrouped values, return and permutation analysis (npr), combination (ncr)
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