No matter how advanced your computer is, it only gets more powerful when it joins a computer network with other terminals and devices. Adding multiple stations to your office or home wireless network expands what you can do from any point in the coverage area. Upload and download files, print finished copies from an all-in-one on the other side of the office, or share works in progress with the whole team. Good computer networking equipment makes it easy.

A modern home has multiple gadgets and devices that need a constant connection to the internet. Computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, and smart speakers are some of the most commonly found gadgets in an average household requiring a stable internet connection at all times. Due to the router limitations, sometimes, not all area of the home or office receives a good connection. If you want to extend the range of your internet router signal, get a Wi-Fi Range Extender. A good Wi-Fi Range Extender will help in providing internet at all places and eliminate those Wi-Fi dead zones in your home or office. It will enable a smooth internet signal wherever you are. From a wide range of the best Wi-Fi Routers and network adapters to Wi-Fi dongles, Startech Store has everything you want.

Wireless, or Wi-Fi, router creates the network within your home or office that your devices connect to so they can access the internet. These come in a variety of models and vary in both performance and functionality. What they have in common is that they use Wireless-AC, the latest wireless protocol available to get the most robust signal and widest bandwidth throughput.

A wired router allows you to plug your devices directly into a unit for a fast, solid connection to your network. Most routers offer at least one Ethernet port for wired connections, whereas others have several Ethernet ports, so you’ve got plenty of room for a variety of devices, like a game console, computer, laptop, TV, and more. And just like a wireless modem, a wired router offers advanced security features so you can feel safe downloading files and sharing information over your network.

The modem is the device that brings in the internet connection from your provider. Often, your provider gives you a modem to use, be it as a rental or purchase, but if you’re looking for another option, Startech Store has something for you.

When your router is limited in how many Ethernet LAN ports are available to plug devices in, switches are your best bet. Switches are small units with additional Ethernet ports that you can leverage from the router. Just plug the switch into the router’s available LAN port and that’s it.

And also wireless USB adapters are designed for use with your laptop, letting you access your online world from wherever you roam. These handy and innovative devices plug directly into a USB port on your laptop to give you access to broadband connectivity through a service provider. Most are so easy to use, you simply plug it in and you’re good to surf, stream, and share as you please on a solid, high-speed connection that moves around with you.

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