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Zadak TWIST memory, DDR4, 16 GB, 3200MHz

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  • Operating frequency [MHz]: 3200
  • Configuration: Single Bone
  • Delay: CL16
  • Total capacity: 16 GB
  • Memory Type: DDR4
  • Operating frequency [MHz]: 3200
  • Configuration: Single Bone
  • Delay: CL16
  • Total capacity: 16 GB
  • Memory Type: DDR4

QAR 299

In stock

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Brand Zadak
Operating frequency [MHz] 3200
Configuration Single Bone
Delay CL16
Total capacity 16 GB
Memory Type DDR4
Connector type UDIMM
Configuration Single bone
Memory type DDR4
Cooling Radiator
Low profile Yes
Total capacity 16 GB
Number of modules 1
Working frequency [MHz] 3200
Delay CL16
Voltage [V] 1.35
Color Black and silver

RAM standard that allows the use of a voltage of 1.2 V. As a result, it was possible to achieve a decrease in power consumption by 20% compared to DDR3 and higher throughput. In addition, users can count on cyclic redundancy checks and random error detection. People who expect maximum performance and high energy savings should reach for DDR4 memory . Among them there will be players as well as users using professional graphic processing software.

16 GB capacity
RAM memory with a capacity of 16 GB is a solution designed for the most demanding users. They will be appreciated by players who care about great fun, as well as graphic designers working with professional software. A computer equipped in such a way can easily perform many operations at the same time, ensuring excellent comfort of work. A high resource of RAM along with a fast processor and an appropriate graphics card will allow you to enjoy many of the latest games for a long time.

Single module
A single chip of RAM is a solution that will be perfect for a configuration designed for various tasks. The wide offer will allow you to perfectly match the module to your personal preferences. Smaller capacity will be an inexpensive solution that will be used in office work. On the other hand, players and users of professional graphic processing programs will certainly reach for a higher resource. If the computer slows down after some time, it will be possible to expand the RAM memory.

CL16 delay
The CAS latency determines the amount of time between sending the request and reading the data from the memory column. This parameter affects the speed of fetching the next instruction for execution by the processor. This, in turn, is essential for hardware performance. With the CL16 , users can count on fast performance in many applications. Thanks to this, office work and entertainment will be extremely comfortable. When choosing, you should also pay attention to the frequency of the memory clock.

Voltage 1.35V
Choosing the correct voltage RAM is one of the most important factors in keeping your computer running stable. To find a compatible solution, check the list of RAM modules supported by the motherboard. RAM with a voltage of 1.35 V is usually DDR4, but the offer also includes DDR3L bones, intended for notebook decks. Low-voltage units will ensure high energy efficiency, which can be crucial when you use your computer frequently.

Proper cooling of the components will allow you to enjoy their work longer. So it’s worth reaching for RAM with a heat sink. It is a metal housing that allows heat dissipation and protects the module from excessive overheating. This design can be very useful when the memory operates at very high temperatures. In order to enjoy the comfortable and trouble-free operation of the equipment, you should also take care of cooling the other configuration elements and the appropriate heat flow inside the housing.

UDIMM connector
UDIMM is a type of RAM memory connector that can often be found on a motherboard. A special slot allows you to install unbuffered memory. This means that it can be accessed directly through the memory controller on the computer. When a read or write request appears during operation, the controller uses the RAM module and writes or reads information on it. Before purchasing, please refer to the motherboard specifications to see what type of memory chip you can install.

Low profile
The free space inside the computer housing may turn out to be an invaluable asset when expanding the configuration. Low-profile RAM modules will be perfect if the user wants to incorporate additional elements into the motherboard’s structure. This could be a CPU cooler, for example. The minimalist architecture of the memory chip can also be used in compact housings. Installation will be very quick and easy. The wide offer includes many devices of this type with different parameters.

Operating frequency 3200 MHz
The RAM frequency is one of the important parameters that determine the hardware performance of a computer. Modules clocked at 3200 MHz will be perfect for electronic entertainment enthusiasts who always expect smooth animations. It is also a great solution for professional users. Using the software for editing or graphic processing will be comfortable and intuitive. Of course, you should remember about the high-quality of the rest of the configuration.

Elegant design
TWIST is available in matte black with brushed aluminum elements for an elegant and elegant look.

Aluminum heat sink
The heat sink is made of aluminum for faster heat dissipation.

Intel XMP 2.0 support
Just select the desired XMP profile in the BIOS to increase the speed.


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